Singing Bowl Sets from Mandala Trading

We just listed a new section of singing bowls on Mandala Trading. This section offers a variety of singing bowl sets. There are two main types of singing bowl sets- singing bowl gift sets and groups of singing bowls together in sets of seven, one for each musical note. Our gift sets are popular to give to friends and loved ones who are starting to learn about singing bowls. The singing bowls in many of our gift sets are starter bowls, small bowls for those who want to learn more about singing bowls, without spending a lot of money and then finding that you don't enjoy playing the bowls. Here are some of our gift sets below...

 Heart Chakra Singing Bowl Set

This gift set has a small, 3.25" singing bowl, a striker, a pad for the singing bowl, a lokta paper box, and a rainbow wrist mala. This gift set style comes in a variety of colors (with more on the way) including pink, yellow, and black. This is a great little set to give as a gift. ($29.99)

Hand-Hammered Singing Bowl Gift SetOm Leather Box 
This gift set includes a hand-hammered singing bowl (6 inches wide) and a striker inside a custom-made leather box. We had this box made exclusively for our customers. The dimensions of the box are 7.75 inches wide and 5 inches tall. ($119) This set is lovely if you know someone who has a smaller bowl and would like to move up a bit. The six inch hand-hammered singing bowls produce really nice tones.

Singing Bowl Gift Set 
This set includes seven singing bowls and a leather striker. The singing bowls fit inside each other for easy storage, and there is a chakra image painted in the bottom of each bowl. This set is great if you want a variety of singing bowl tones. ($348)