Solar-Powered Prayer Wheels

A new addition to our product line is the Solar-Powered Prayer Wheel. We currently carry two models of this lovely prayer wheel. The Solar Prayer Wheel is a great way to increase the times that you, in effect, are saying the mantra. In Tibetan Buddhism, prayer wheels were invented so that people could 'say' the prayer without actually needing to be able to read or recite the prayer. The idea behind mantras, is that the power is in the repetition, and so when you recite mantras in Buddhism you say the mantra over and over again. Each rotation of a prayer wheel is the same as saying the mantra one time. There are variations within prayer wheels, most prayer wheels have the mantra written on the outside of the prayer wheel, but some prayer wheels also have a mantra wrapped up on the inside of the prayer wheel. The solar-powered prayer wheels are all what is called standing prayer wheels, the other main types of prayer wheels are hand-held prayer wheels and wall-mounted prayer wheels. Solar Prayer Wheels work from the sunlight, and so they will work in any well-lit room, it doesn't have to be outside.

This prayer wheel is 5 inches tall. The Buddhist mantra, om mani padme hung, is written around the outside of the mani wheel. This prayer wheel is solar-powered, and will spin automatically from the power of the sun. This prayer wheel comes in a padded red carrying case.
Solar-Powered Prayer Wheel 
This prayer wheel is 4.5 inches tall. There are gemstones around the outside of the prayer wheel and the Buddhist mantra, om mani padme hum is around the outside of this wheel as well. This prayer wheel comes in a red box.
Solar-Powered Prayer Wheel 
Either of these solar powered prayer wheels will be great additions to your Buddhist collection. The mantra around the outside of both prayer wheels is om mani padme hum (om mani padme hung) and this mantra is associated with Chenrezig, the Bodhisattva of Compassion.