Chakra Malas

Looking for malas for a particular chakra? Here is our list of prayer beads that will help align particular chakras.
Chakra Malas

7th Crown Chakra- Amethyst, Crystal

amethyst wrist mala  crystal prayer beads

6th Third Eye Chakra- Lapis Lazuli

  Lapis Lazuli Mala

5th Throat Chakra- Turquoise

turquoise mala beads

4th Heart Chakra- Jade

 jade mala- full view

3rd Solar Plexus Chakra- Tiger Eye

 Tiger Eye Prayer Beads

2nd  Sacral Chakra- Red Lotus Seeds

 Red Lotus Seed Prayer Beads

1st Root Chakra- Coral
 Coral and turquoise mala
This list is a great way to start aligning your chakras while meditating.