New Wood Thangka Paintings

We have a great selection of 'thangkas' painted on wood boards and we just posted some great new designs. These wood boards are hand-painted in Nepal by our master craftsmen. They have all the feel of a beautiful thangka, and on a wood board these are even more exquisite than a thangka.

Amitabha Wood Thangka, Buddhist Wood Painting

This wood board is 22 x 18 x 1.25 inches wide. It features the Buddha Amitabha (the Buddha of Infinite Light). Amitabha is the savior Buddha in the Pure Land sects of Buddhism, and he is also an important deity in China and Japan.

Guru Rinpoche Wood Thangka Painting

This wood board features Guru Rinpoche, and it is 22 x 18 x 1.25 inches. Guru Rinpoche is also called the Precious Master, and he is the father of Tibetan Buddhism.

Ashmatangala, Eight Auspicious Signs Wood Carving

This wood board was handmade in Nepal. The Ashmatangala in the center of the painting and the border around the painting is carved in a raised pattern. The Ashmatangala, or Eight Auspicious Signs, is the most well-known group of symbols in Tibetan Buddhism. This painting is 18 x 18 x 2.5 inches.

New Prayer Beads Bracelets with Charms- Choose your Charm to make a Beautiful Wrist Mala

We have a number of new wrist malas in stock with a charm on the end of the mala. You can choose between a tree of life charm, a brass tree of life charm, a two-sided tree of life charm, an om symbol charm, or a Buddha head charm.

This mala was handmade in Nepal from dragon eye bodhi seed beads on an elastic cord. Each bead is 12 mm wide and there are 14 beads. The charm shown with this wrist mala is the brass tree of life charm. This charm is 1 inch wide and long. The charm clips on and off.

Bodhi Seed Wrist Mala

This wrist mala was handmade from turquoise howlite beads on an elastic cord. Each bead is 10 mm wide. The charm shown on this wrist mala is the two-sided silver tree of life charm.

Turquoise wrist mala with charm

This wrist mala is made from magnetic hematite beads on an elastic cord. Each bead is 8 mm wide and there are 24 beads on this wrist mala. You can choose the charm for this wrist mala, the charm shown in this photo is the silver om symbol.
Hematite Prayer Beads Bracelet

This wrist mala was handmade in Nepal. There are 16 beads and 1 guru bead on this wrist mala. The charm shown on this wrist mala is the Buddha head charm.
Buddhist Wrist Mala

This wrist mala is made from synthetic jade beads, dyed yellow. This wrist mala was handmade in Nepal and the charm shown on this wrist mala is the silver tree of life charm.
Buddhist Prayer Beads

New Loose Beads in our Tibetan Beads Section

We have over 20 new beads in our Tibetan beads section. Our new beads range from core beads that can make up the bulk of your mala or jewelry, and we also have decorative beads that make wonderful spacer beads, and guru beads for the end of your mala. Malas can be made in a variety of different ways. Some malas simply have the beads that make up the mala and the guru bead. Some malas are knotted between each bead. Other malas have a guru bead and three spacer beads around the mala between every 27 beads. Spacer beads help you track where you are in your meditation as you move around the mala (even with your eyes closed). For this reason it is best if the beads used for spacer beads are either larger or smaller than the beads that make up the rest of the mala. Guru beads are also traditionally larger than the other beads on the mala, and there are two parts to guru beads- the top of the guru bead which is a bead with three holes, and the bottom of the mala where the tassel is pulled through. Making a mala where the main beads are made from gemstones, wood, or seed beads like lotus seeds or bodhi seeds, and then using brass or silver beads for the spacer beads and guru beads, makes a very lovely and striking mala design.

This is a set of 10 beads. Each bead has the auspicious cloud design around the outside of the bead. These beads are great for many jewelry styles, and can also be used for a mala. These beads are made from silver alloy.

Auspicious Cloud Design Silver Beads

Silver Spacer Beads

Silver Bead

There are 5 beads sold in this set. Each bead has the endless knot, also known as the eternity knot design on both sides of the bead. These beads are made from brass alloy. These beads made beautiful spacer beads for your mala.

Eternity Knot Beads

Endless Knot Beads

This is a set of three guru beads. The beads are made from silver alloy. There are auspicious signs on both sides of each bead. These are beautiful guru beads that will really make your custom mala stand out.

Silver Guru Bead

Silver Guru

Silver Guru Bead

Altar Tables from

We have a great new selection of altar tables in our Meditation supplies section and even more in our Austin Buddhist retail store, Mandala Tibetan Shop. Check out the altar tables available online below.

Buddhist Meditation Altar Table
This altar table is made from elm wood by hand in Nepal, and it was also painted by hand. This is the larger of our two sizes of meditation tables. The great thing about this altar table is that it folds all the way down for storage and transport. 

Buddhist altar table with dharma wheel
This altar table was handmade and hand-painted in Nepal. There is a dharma wheel symbol, probably the most quintessential Buddhist symbol, on the top of this table, and there are two small animals on the front of the table. 
Buddhist altar table for meditation
This table is the smaller size of our altar tables. It folds compactly, is light, and easy to carry for group meditation or yoga classes. This table was handmade in Nepal and there is a lotus flower, one of the Buddhist eight auspicious signs, on the top of the table. 

For those who are starting out in meditation, having an altar table is an important tool to use as a focus of your meditation. Many people like to keep a variety of Buddhist meditation supplies on top of the altar table, including a Buddha statue, incense, offering bowls, etc. Here is an example of how you can set up your altar table.

Buddhist meditation altar table