Find your spirit animal

Recently I saw Megan Fox on Conan and she explained how you can find your 'spirit animal' by combining your Western and Eastern signs. I was fascinated and had to find out the spirit animals of everyone I know and love. I was surprised how hard it was to find a chart to find your spirit animal by combining Western and Chinese astrological signs. So I thought I would paste the chart I found here so everyone can find it.

My spirit animal is the dragonfly. I was pretty happy with this, although I would have kind of preferred a mammal. My husband's spirit animal is the marmot. This I found hilarious.

My son's spirit animal was even funnier. Especially since he is almost four but has just come out of the terrible threes. (A fact no one tells you about.) My son's spirit animal is the honey badger.
It sounds like such a sweet animal, but these guys are scary. And here is the chart so you can find your spirit animal. My heart goes out to the Virgo + Rabbit.

Western Sign
Eastern Sign
Spirit Animal
Aquarius +    Dog =    Chameleon
Aquarius + Dragon =    Leopard
Aquarius + Horse =    Unicorn
Aquarius + Monkey =    Dolphin
Aquarius + Ox =    Walrus
Aquarius + Pig =    Pufferfish
Aquarius + Rabbit =    Sloth
Aquarius + Rat =    Meerkat
Aquarius + Rooster =    Bird-of-Paradise
Aquarius + Sheep =    Handfish
Aquarius + Snake =    Boa Constrictor
Aquarius + Tiger =    Panther
Aries + Dog =    Doberman Pinscher
Aries + Dragon =    Tyrannosaurus Rex
Aries + Horse =    Hammerhead Shark
Aries + Monkey =    Gorilla
Aries + Ox =    Hippopotamus
Aries + Pig =    Dodo
Aries + Rabbit =    Llama
Aries + Rat =    Piranha
Aries + Rooster =    Goldfinch
Aries + Sheep =    Catfish
Aries + Snake =    Praying Mantis
Aries + Tiger =    Rhinoceros
Cancer + Dog =    Pit Bull
Cancer + Dragon =    Hornet
Cancer + Horse =    Hermit Crab
Cancer + Monkey =    Emperor Tamarin
Cancer + Ox =    Black Bear
Cancer + Pig =    Lobster
Cancer + Rabbit =    Turtle
Cancer + Rat =    Seahorse
Cancer + Rooster =    Iguana
Cancer + Sheep =    Duck
Cancer + Snake =    Snail
Cancer + Tiger =    Vampire Bat
Capricorn + Dog =    Boxer
Capricorn + Dragon =    Eagle
Capricorn + Horse =    Salmon
Capricorn + Monkey =    Woodpecker
Capricorn + Ox =    Ant
Capricorn + Pig =    Spider
Capricorn + Rabbit =    Weaver Finch
Capricorn + Rat =    Aardvark
Capricorn + Rooster =    Bee
Capricorn + Sheep =    Mole
Capricorn + Snake =    Alligator
Capricorn + Tiger =    Komodo Dragon
Gemini + Dog =    Deer
Gemini + Dragon =    Hummingbird
Gemini + Horse =    Great White Shark
Gemini + Monkey =    Seal
Gemini + Ox =    Coyote
Gemini + Pig =    Cricket
Gemini + Rabbit =    Toucan
Gemini + Rat =    Chipmunk
Gemini + Rooster =    Parrot
Gemini + Sheep =    Centipede
Gemini + Snake =    Lemur
Gemini + Tiger =    Chimpanzee
Leo + Dog =    Shih Tzu
Leo + Dragon =    Orca
Leo + Horse =    Hyena
Leo + Monkey =    Ferret
Leo + Ox =    Sun Bear
Leo + Pig =    Quetzal
Leo + Rabbit =    Angora Rabbit
Leo + Rat =    Otter
Leo + Rooster =    Peacock
Leo + Sheep =    Swan
Leo + Snake =    Fox
Leo + Tiger =    Wolverine
Libra + Dog =    Crane
Libra + Dragon =    Porcupine
Libra + Horse =    Goose
Libra + Monkey =    Axolotl
Libra + Ox =    Elephant
Libra + Pig =    Marmot
Libra + Rabbit =    Butterfly
Libra + Rat =    Vulture
Libra + Rooster =    Pelican
Libra + Sheep =    Clownfish
Libra + Snake =    Ladybug
Libra + Tiger =    Tasmanian Devil
Pisces + Dog =    Tarsier
Pisces + Dragon =    Firefly
Pisces + Horse =    Gecko
Pisces + Monkey =    Cheetah
Pisces + Ox =    Moose
Pisces + Pig =    Zebra
Pisces + Rabbit =    Silkworm
Pisces + Rat =    Lemming
Pisces + Rooster =    Ocelot
Pisces + Sheep =    Leafy Seadragon
Pisces + Snake =    Frog
Pisces + Tiger =    Stingray
Sagittarius + Dog =    Golden Retriever
Sagittarius + Dragon =    Whale
Sagittarius + Horse =    Dove
Sagittarius + Monkey =    Roadrunner
Sagittarius + Ox =    Raccoon
Sagittarius + Pig =    Camel
Sagittarius + Rabbit =    Sugar Glider
Sagittarius + Rat =    Skunk
Sagittarius + Rooster =    Swordfish
Sagittarius + Sheep =    Tortoise
Sagittarius + Snake =    Tarantula
Sagittarius + Tiger =    Mongoose
Scorpio + Dog =    Octopus
Scorpio + Dragon =    Jaguar
Scorpio + Horse =    Dragonfly
Scorpio + Monkey =    Raven
Scorpio + Ox =    Platypus
Scorpio + Pig =    Squid
Scorpio + Rabbit =    Koala
Scorpio + Rat =    Anaconda
Scorpio + Rooster =    Owl
Scorpio + Sheep =    Panda
Scorpio + Snake =    Anglerfish
Scorpio + Tiger =    Honey Badger
Taurus + Dog =    Seagull
Taurus + Dragon =    Rattlesnake
Taurus + Horse =    Kangaroo
Taurus + Monkey =    Ostrich
Taurus + Ox =    Yak
Taurus + Pig =    Wombat
Taurus + Rabbit =    Hedgehog
Taurus + Rat =    Squirrel
Taurus + Rooster =    Beaver
Taurus + Sheep =    Buffalo
Taurus + Snake =    Jackal
Taurus + Tiger =    Wolf
Virgo + Dog =    Salamander
Virgo + Dragon =    Polar Bear
Virgo + Horse =    Giraffe
Virgo + Monkey =    Penguin
Virgo + Ox =    Sea Star
Virgo + Pig =    Gazelle
Virgo + Rabbit =    Earthworm
Virgo + Rat =    Mouse
Virgo + Rooster =    Corgi
Virgo + Sheep =    Flamingo
Virgo + Snake =    Jellyfish
Virgo + Tiger =    Narwhal

Fortune Animals in Tibetan Buddhism

        There are many different symbols of fortune in Tibetan Buddhism. These symbols include the Eight Auspicious Signs, which is probably the most well-known symbol of fortune. In addition, animals used in Buddhist art and design are popular as fortune symbols. 

        The elephant is large and strong, but as a fortune symbol the elephant represents mental and emotional strength and dependability. In Buddhism the elephant is the symbol for intellectual prowess. As a visualization tool, the gray elephant is said to represent the mind when one begins to study Buddhism, wild and running to and fro without logic, and the white elephant represents the Buddhist mind once it is well-trained and has been formed by meditation. Culturally, the elephant is a symbol for fortune and statues of elephants standing on coins are prevalent in many Asian countries. And of course, one of the most important deities in Hinduism who is also well-loved in Buddhism is Ganesh, who is an emanation of Avalokitesvara. 


Ganesh Mask, Ganesha, with Coral and Turquoise Inlay, Elephant Mask

        The Garuda is a bird who is known as the king of the birds. An enemy of snakes, the Garuda protects from snakebite, and other poisons. The Garuda appears in the form of a bird’s head with a human body. As a symbol, the Garuda destroys jealousy and hate. When the Garuda expands his wings they represent an infinite freedom of the mind. Untethered by hate or jealousy, the mind can expand and encompass all things, and we can learn and grow. 

        The Lion is proud and majestic and strong. The lion travels in a group and never alone. In Buddhism, the lion symbolizes the Bodhisattvas. The lion is also a protector of the dharma. Statues and artwork of ‘snow lions’ permeate Tibetan Buddhism, although there are no lions living in Tibetan or Nepal (though there are tigers living in Nepal. Snow lions in art are usually white or blue. Lions are usually shown in pairs and are used for protection in front of temples and monasteries. 

 Snow Lion Statue

        The peacock symbolizes wisdom in Buddhism. It is said that the peacock is able to eat poison and turn that poison into good for those who practice dharma. The peacock is likened to a bodhisattva because they can take the evil of the world and transform it into good. Because the bodhisattva only cares for followers of the dharma, and are themselves free of evil thoughts, they are able to transform ugliness into good. By eating the poison in the world the peacock can then transform that evil into something beautiful as shown in the beautiful colors of their wings. Peacocks are often shown in pairs as a fortune animal.

Lokta lantern 

        In Tibetan Buddhism, the horse is symbolic of the energy we put forth to study the dharma. The wind horse, also known as lungta, floats on the wind with vigorous energy, and he can choose his path, just like we can choose our path or direction when we practice Buddhism. The wind horse is one of the most important symbols in Tibetan Buddhism, and it originally was a symbol for the form of Tibetan Buddhism that is most closely related to Shamanism, and was practiced by the people (Mi-cho- religion of humans). In Tibetan people use the wind horse in their speech in daily life, and the phrase rlung rta dar ba which means an increase in the wind horse, and it is used to describe a situation when things are going well for someone, or they are having good luck. The wind horse is shown on many prayer flags throughout Tibet and Nepal.

Neon lungta (wind horse) prayer flags