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Malas with Charms

We have some new items in stock recently, which led to the creation of a new section, malas with charms. This section includes some great malas including bodhi seed malas and sandalwood malas, each of which come with beautiful charms. The charms are connected to the malas with a lobster hook, so you could also remove the charm from the mala if you desired, or you could also move it around. Here are some photo examples of the items in this section, and we will be adding to this section in the coming days as well.

Bodhi Mala with Turquoise Spacer Beads, Lotus Flower Charm 
This lotus flower charm is my favorite charm. I love how beautiful and delicate this charm is, and this mala is one of our best-selling malas. The bodhi mala has always been popular for us, but this mala with its turquoise spacer beads is something very special.

 Sandalwood Mala with Elephant Charm 
This mala is made from sandalwood and there is an elephant charm. The elephant is very auspicious in Buddhism.

Zen Elastic String Simulated Blue Sea Sediment Jasper Stone 108 Prayer Beads Mala Wrap Bracelet with Dharma Wheel Charm 
This mala is a bit different because the charm is two sided and slides over the mala rather than using the lobster hook.